The Ark – Early Access!

Early Access has started for The Ark! If you belong to the following groups, you are able to visit the event before it officially opens! Early access continues until September 13th at 9am slt. The event officially opens September 13th at Noon slt.

Groups eligible for early access:

Jinx (DD) Offers and Support
..:: TAOX SHOP ::..
lychee. // blogging group
lychee. // update group
pGp Update Group

The Ark 2019 Map

Vintage Fair Early Access!

Want to get in to Vintage Fair early?  You can if you are a member of our official Vintage Fair Sponsor’s groups!

  • Pale Girl Productions (Event Owner)
    • Pale Girl Productions Info Group
  • Culprit (Event Parnter)
    • Culprit

Vintage Fair presented by Pale Girl Productions and Culprit Official Sponsors:

  • Scandalize
    • !|SCANDALIZE|!
  • LX
    • *LX* Blog Team
  • Dazzle
    • *~DAZZLE~*
  • Also Known As
    • Also Known As
  • Carol G Tattoos
    • Carol G. Tattoo Wear
  • Kaithleen’s
    • Kaithleen’s
  • Roawenwood
    • The Roawenwood
  • Glitzz 
    • [G] Glitzz

Early Access will start June 6th at noon slt and end on June 7th at noon slt!