Vintage Fair Early Access!

Want to get in to Vintage Fair early?  You can if you are a member of our official Vintage Fair Sponsor’s groups!

  • Pale Girl Productions (Event Owner)
    • Pale Girl Productions Info Group
  • Culprit (Event Parnter)
    • Culprit

Vintage Fair presented by Pale Girl Productions and Culprit Official Sponsors:

  • Scandalize
    • !|SCANDALIZE|!
  • LX
    • *LX* Blog Team
  • Dazzle
    • *~DAZZLE~*
  • Also Known As
    • Also Known As
  • Carol G Tattoos
    • Carol G. Tattoo Wear
  • Kaithleen’s
    • Kaithleen’s
  • Roawenwood
    • The Roawenwood
  • Glitzz 
    • [G] Glitzz

Early Access will start June 6th at noon slt and end on June 7th at noon slt!