Skin Fair 2017: NOW OPEN!

Skin Fair 2017 is now open to the public!

Skin Fair is your one-stop-shop for freshening your look or a complete head to toe makeover. With mesh heads and body parts, skins, makeup, tattoos, eyes and more, everything you need to beautify yourself can be found at Skin Fair 2017.

Skin Fair is open from March 10th – March 26th.

Skin Fair Sim 1:
Skin Fair Sim 2:

Click here for the Skin Fair 2017 shopping guide.

Please note:

To create as lag-free an experience as possible for everyone we have a complexity limit of 75,000. Here’s how to lower your ARC:

  • Detach all unnecessary worn objects, HUDs and consider wearing applier clothes on your body.
  • Reduce the number of scripted objects you’re wearing (e.g. hair with resize scripts).

Skin Fair 2017 Map:




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