Skin Fair 2020 Is OPEN!!! Maps And LM’s

North Sim

South Sim

Skin Fair 2020 which is presented by Taox Tattoo and Pale Girl Productions is now OPEN!
Please remember for the first week, there will be an ARC limit of 100k complexity in place. Be sure to limit scripts and attachments so everyone can enjoy their shopping experience.

Visit North Sim

Visit South Sim

Cant Get in? Check out our Shopping Guide while you wait.


Vintage Fair 2019 Sponsors!

Vintage Fair 2019, which is brought to you by Schultz Bros. and Pale Girl Productions, is proud to announce the sponsors for the event!

Vintage Fair 2019

Scultz Bros. & Pale Girl Productions


Taox Tattoo
Hair SL
The Annex
The Trunk Show
Borough of Abingdon