Raffle Winner – ParadoxicalReality

Congratulations goes out to ParadoxicalReality for being the winner of our Vintage Fair Bound Box Raffle! She, or someone of her choosing, shall receive Bound Box when it releases on July 12th! Thank you to everyone for joining in the raffle. We hope you all had as much fun with it as we did!


Subscriptions are still available to the upcoming July Inaugural Box!  Tp to one of the participating designers’ locations, FMD, Daddy’s Twin Peaks or Bound HQ!


salt and pepper wip bound box.PNG

It’s time for a little tease from Salt & Pepper and ViSion.  Are you getting excited yet, because we are!

If you have not purchased your Bound Box yet, be sure to do that today! We have included some details on where to purchase HERE.


Don’t forget to enter the Bound Box Raffle, you can read more about it HERE.

Vintage Fair’s Last Weekend

Take a step back in time to Vintage Fair’s last weekend! It’s your last chance to get all things vintage in one spot, so if you haven’t stopped by already now is the time. Also we are having a very special raffle for those that visit this final weekend!  A subscription to the upcoming Bound Box is being raffled off to one lucky lady at the end of the event! For more information please visit this link.

Vintage Fair 1
Vintage Fair 2




Blogging Beauties from Vintage Fair

If you’ve been on Flickr, Facebook, Plurk or pretty much anywhere during Vintage Fair you’ve probably seen some of our talented bloggers posting retro goodies from the fair. We’d like to take a moment to highlight some particularly great posts and thank all our blogging beauties for their hard work!

Shop the items in their blog posts on Sim 1 and Sim 2 of Vintage Fair through the 25th! Check out the shopping guide for more.

Alexa Maravilla


Crystalin Clayton

Emlies Xeltentat

Evelyn Hartshon

Inkie Loudwater

Kess Crystal

Kristen Corleone

Nina DiLeonardi

Roxi Firanelli

Bound Box – Raffle To Win 1 Bound Box!


Yes, you read that correctly! You can win 1 Free Bound Box!
It’s easy to enter!


Step 1 – Join the Bound Box Update Group. (Key: a9eb2605-3c46-0ae0-ca27-069932ccfc99)
Step 2 – Teleport to one of the landmarks that are at The Vintage Fair.
Midsomer (126,204,22)
Kindred Soul (125,33,22)

Step 3 – Enter in the Raffle By Clicking The Board

The winner must belong to the group and the name of the winner will be announced around Midnight SLT on June 25th 2017. So be sure to tell your friends and family members about this amazing raffle!

Good Luck!