Official Blogger Application

This is an application to become an official blogger for Pale Girl Productions, a production company that specializes in sim wide events, most notably: Skin Fair.

As a PGP blogger you will have early access to all events that PGP produces and review copies from participating designers.

Blogger Requirements

* Must be actively blogging for 6 months
* Must have an active blog
* Must take high quality photos
* Must credit all items shown, including poses
* Must actively promote your blog (ie: via inworld groups, flickr, facebook, plurk, etc)
* Must include slurls for events

Event Requirements

* Must link back to the official blog either via blog roll or logo link
* One blog post must be dedicated to the event, giving all information, including slurls and maps (if available)
* 3 blog posts featuring items from the event per week the event runs.  (2 week events will require 6 total posts, 3 week events require 9, etc.)  If we have an event with an odd-length timeline, we will set a standard number of posts that must be met.
* Event logo must be included along with an embedded SLURL in all blog posts that feature items from the current event.
* All blog posts must be posted within the first week and a half (10 days) of current event.
* All blog photos must be added to the PGP flickr group
* All event blog posts must be reported to a provided form by the end of the event (more info will follow once accepted)

All applicants will be contacted when this form officially closes, whether you are accepted or rejected.  So please do not ask whether or not you were accepted.  You will find out, I promise.  Applications will close September 4th, 2016.

All other inquiries regarding this application process can be directed to Beuanna Resident, Pale Girl Productions Blogger Coordinator.