Pale Girl Productions is an SL™ production company that specializes in big events, but is also experienced in small intimate gatherings.  Co-owned by Kira Paderborn and Voshie Paine, they bring years of experience to the event planning sphere.  Best known for The Skin Fair 2013 & 2014 events, they now combine forces to bring professionalism, quality and reliability to future events.


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  1. The skin fair is on a big double sim, you are not able to teleport to any location there nor are there any possibilities like chairs to go from point to point. If you do not want to do teleshopping with your mouse, what often fails because vendors are to far or things do not be rendered properly or you just loose your point of view and do not know anymore where your beam of attention had been before, you have to walk. It is not comfortable at all. When You have not enought time and need to log, you can make a teleport point that you can see when you log in again, but if you crash before what happened to me – no chance. You will have to search where you had been before The card is confusing, I needed my time to find the shops I wanted. And I did not recognize the form of the sim on these cards. Even area search for a shop failed. Second point is the General sim. Why doing a Skin Fair on a general sim? Not a nipple to see. If I want to have a closer look at certain details I will have to take the demo. How many demos would i have to try to get an overview? And last but not least just a few people are able to enter it. I am lucky to be premium, but I observed my friends getting more and more frustrated. Even some shop assistants had been blocking the place for customers trying to get in, but they tried to help buying giftable things for customers who were not able to get in. I did not buy anything at all. It was no fun being there. I did not even take a demo. I do not see the sense of that fair. Sorry, but no fun.

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