Mesh head : Sasha – personal shape – 2.5 by Lelutka 

Skin : Crystal – BOM – by Nuve (Previous Skin Fair)

Eyelashes : Oh My Lash! – Lelutka Evo – by Pout (Previous Skin Fair)

Eyeliner : Graphic Guyliner Lelutka HD – Lelutka Evo – by Absinthe! (Previous Skin Fair)

Face tattoo : Punk Marks – BOM – by Just Yaska (Previous Skin Fair)

Lipstick : HD Baiser lipstick – Lelutka EVO – by Top1Salon (Previous Skin Fair)

Face Piercing : Sasha Nose Piercing by  Lelutka 

Ears : Gauged ears by Swallow

Headpiece : Celestial Headpiece by Tentacio 

Hair : Belinda by Monso

Tattoo : Maliya Tattoo – BOM – by Lilithé

♥ Chanty Ingalls ♥


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