IT Girl

A small sample of what’s coming at Hallow Manor Event. 

Hallow Manor – Coming October 16th

➯Face paint : [POUT!] Fun House Clown – White Paint + Blood → coming at Hallow Manor

➯ Eyes : [POUT!] Spiral eyes -*HUNT ITEM* → coming at Hallow Manor

➯ Lips : NOX. Latex Lip [Purple] → coming at Hallow Manor

➯Tattoo : GERMINAL – ABRACADABRA TATTOO → coming at Hallow Manor

➯ Poses : Lush Poses – Take your heart – Female Bento Pose → coming at Hallow Manor

➯ Head : GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 →[Last Skin Fair 2020]

➯ Nails : !TLB – Elvira Nails →[Last Hallow Manor]

➯ Hair : no match_ ~ NO_SCARY

♥  Kłαrisbєłłα ♥


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