Vintage Fair 2019!!!

Vintage Fair 2019 is now OPEN!!!! Thanks to our event partner, Schultz Bros. for providing most of the build which is capturing the 1970s New York vibe! Travel back in time while you shop all of the stunning creations our designers have made!

North Sim
South Sim

Don’t forget to view the Shopping Guide! Click here to take a look!


5 thoughts on “Vintage Fair 2019!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts SL ❤ Le meilleur de Second Life and commented:
    I absolutely LOVE the VIntage Fair every year. This blog is amazing with all the info it provides so you don’t have to land there and randomly search and look. Be sure to click the link for the shopping guide as well so you can see what is there before landing. Two sims of flashbacks to the past of shopping… remember to be as low lag as possible. I might wear an avatar that is a flat paper person lol I don’t know but this is going to be so fun to walk around. I think I will give myself a budget so I don’t go crazy too LOL.


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