Fallen angel, close your eyes I won’t let you fall tonight

Final Bound Box November 2018 – Get Yours Now / Designer Skin Fair Applications 2019

In a world where we think we have everything together, sometimes we realize that we don’t.  We look out into the world and hunger for someone to say everything will be okay.  We yearn for the days where we have no worries. As second life adults the biggest thing we pine for is to let go of our first life problems and issues.  With Bound Box we allow ourselves to explore a different side of our sexuality and escape all the taboos and/or no-nos.  With the final Bound Box upon us we can explore our kinks one last time.  Where it’ll lead and what bounds it’ll push, well, maybe you can share those with us on Flickr

Get The Look:
Ricielli – Latasha Lingerie @ Previously August 2018 Bound Box
Dela – Kaia Hair @ The Liaison Collaborative (Ends 11/26/18)
Entice – Raining Glitter Shadow @ The Makeover Room (Ends 11/26/18)
Livia – Lustrous Creme Lipstick @ The Makeover Room (Ends 11/26/18)
Veechi – Ultimate Cheek Kit @ MainStore
Genus Project – Beta Head @ MainStore
Deetalez – Harriet Skin @ MainStore
Michan – Janire Lashes @ Vanity (Starts 11/05/18)
Personal Shape, Maitreya Body, Song Lolita Eyes
Random Matter – Hobi Chokers @ MainStore
Justice – Thunder Necklace (accompanies full outfit) @ Cosmopolitan (Starts 11/05/18)
Oubliette – Familars Framed Prints (Square Frames) @ MainStore


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