The Unicorn

October is a month where fantasy and imagination comes up with themes about Halloween and everything reminiscent of magic and witchcraft or or according to the imagination and fantasy of each! Some use lots of blood, some witchcraft or magic! So we can remember through great events performed by Pale Girl Productions (An SL™ event production company)a little of that magic and fantasy that involve the events of their Second Life! All items are at stores now.

Enjoy it!

post talvez

irrISIStible : THE LAST UNICORN MESH OUTFIT + SKIN + BOOTS + HAIRSt – {The Trunk Show August}

➯Shape: | Boataom | BT: Alexandra “Shape Catya Catwa” {Skin Fair 2018}

➯Skin Body Head Applier “| Boataom |BT: Alexandra “CATWA” {Skin Fair 2018}

➯Whilom – Color Tattoo [CAROL G]{Vintage Fair 2018}


ENIIPose – Snow White | apples |

-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE



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