In coexistence, time does not matter.

If it is a minute, an hour, a life.

What matters is what was left of this minute,

this time of this life

Remember that what matters

is everything you sow.

Therefore, mark your passage

leave something from you

of your minute

of your time

of your day

of your life

“Mario Quintana!”

We continue our time reminding ourselves of some great events and wonderful as the Skin Fair and Vintage Fair Events  which are annually promoted by the great  Palegirl productions team! And at the present time don’t  miss the wonderful The Trunk Show Event that runs until September 18th.post pgp02ok.png

➯ Skin: The Face ~ Catwa Applier – Loreen {Skin Fair 2018}

➯Skin Body: The Face ~ Maitreya Applier {Skin Fair 2018}

Lips: The Face ~ Catwa Applier – Loreen ~ Lipstick pallete {Skin Fair 2018}

Freckles: Huwe Cosmetics – Freckles (Catwa) {Skin Fair 2018}

➯hair: Vanity Hair ::Taxi-Must Haves : {Vintage Fair 2018}

QUEEN. Q . Archaic II -FTPK- [Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody,Katena]  {Vintage Fair 2018}

➯Shoes: Entice – Earth Angel Heels {Vintage Fair 2018}

➯ Decor: [BMS] Chair with Clock The Trunk Show }



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