Final 24 hours!

If you haven’t already, check out the upcoming subscription box geared towards our naughty side! Bound Box will be released tomorrow night, so this is your last chance to get it for 1500L.

Here is the shopping guide so you can see what you will be getting! (hint: they are all fatpacks D:)

Also, men OR women, you are able to gift a subscription to your favorite lady friend! I’m sure it would be like unwrapping a nice pressie for yourself later too 😉

AAAND!!! If you join the Bound Box Update Group you can get a lil pressie we sent out! Present did you say? Why yes, I did! It’s to help tide you over till the box is released at midnight going into the 12th.

Here are the places you can subscribe:
Bound Box HQ
Bound Box Marketplace (have adult enabled!)
Daddy’s Twin Peaks
We Love Role-Play
Mon Cheri
oOo Studio
Salt & Pepper
Voluptas Virtualis


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